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Social housing building

Located in a village at the north of Madrid region, this building has been designed to provide two social housing units. In the design of the building, special thoughtfulness has been given to the use of materials and construction techniques with the aim of creating an architecture integrated into the rural context characterized by a high historic and ethnographic value.

The project has been carried out with the key goal of incorporating sustainability and energy efficiency strategies into the design.

Sustainability approach:

  • Heating floor feeding by biomass boiler providing low temperature; heating as well as cooling floor.
  • Air renewal system integrated by controlling intake air.
  • The building is provided with a low emissivity glass.
  • Passive solar design reduces the need for energy use.
  • Building envelope of high-performance materials, incorporating high-ranking insulation level.

  • Client: Madarcos City Council
  • Finalized: 2021
  • Site: Madarcos, Madrid