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Le Crabe Beach Club, Libreville (Gabon)

From the might of nature is coming the inspiration to this project, in a place where the land, the see and the river are meeting together, along the times, this place has been collected massive remains coming from the continent through the river and arising from the see.

We would like to image this place as a site plenty of remains; shellfish, molluscs, crustaceans, lizard skeletons, hopper corpses and any others, fossilized or not….
Driven by this powerful of the inherent footprint, “genius loci”, the beach club project takes shape as a “crabe” which spreads in the site.

The design of the complex has been drawn up with the aim of enhancing the most valuable elements of the plot such as the existing palm trees, the sea front, the proximity to the beach and the sea, the platforms, the views, etc.
The incorporation of the crustacean tentacles, that end up in the platforms floating above the sea, emphasizes the idea of benefit from the project as a mechanism to reverberate the magic of the place.
On the best beachfront in Libreville, the whole complex has been designed creating a vibrant place which gathers a VIP restaurant and longue and bar VIP, Italian restaurant, ice cream parlour and food court area, bars, chill out, infinity pool, long walkway crossing the beach right to the see where sets a relaxing reef deck and any other areas and facilities.

A place where it will be able to enjoy authentic atmospheres with Gabonese touch, as well as a venue for sharing social events, enjoy exquisite dining venues, and a myriad of relaxing experiences, or just embrace the beauty of the view as you savour the luxurious pampering.

  • Cliente Privado
  • Finalización En curso
  • Ubicación Libreville (Gabón)